Benefits and effects of foot bath

Time:2021-12-08 00:00:00

As the saying goes, "If you want to be healthy, you should always bubble your feet." Medicine believes that "foot is the root of essence." Foot bath therapy is a therapy that uses medicinal decoction, soaks the feet, bathes, and stimulates the reflex area and acupuncture points to treat diseases. In addition to the buoyancy effect of water, the static pressure effect of water, and the friction effect of the movement of the liquid particles of water on the foot during the immersion process, it is mainly the warming effect of water, the external healing effect of drugs and the effect of the foot reflection area. Foot bath has three functions: warm water foot bath, external medicine treatment and foot reflex area stimulation. The three functions can influence each other. The medicine is easily absorbed from the skin, hamstrings and respiratory tract while it is hot, and it is easy to exert the therapeutic effect of the medicine. Foot bath can be used as a therapy for external treatment of internal diseases, and can also be used as a bath for various skin diseases.

With the help of medicinal power and heat in the medicated bath, it can clear the meridians, reconcile the qi and blood, and achieve the purpose of eliminating evil poisons.

The ten benefits of foot bath pedicure are summarized as follows:

1. Physical fitness, prolonging life; 2. Preventing neurasthenia and insomnia; 3. Preventing hypertension; 4. Preventing rheumatoid arthritis 5. Preventing numbness of legs and feet; 6. Preventing diabetes; 7. Preventing colds and warming the body; 8. Beauty Lose weight; 9. Prevent and treat cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral thrombosis; 10. Eliminate fatigue and make people feel happy both physically and mentally.


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