What is the role of spinning? Lose weight or gain muscle? Is it suitable for home use?

Time:2021-12-08 16:52:14

The weight loss effect of spinning bikes is very good. Assuming that a novice athlete can consume about 400 calories of energy in an hour of using a spinning bike during medium and low-intensity aerobic training, the weight loss effect is good.

If you have a certain amount of exercise experience, in moderate-intensity aerobic training, one hour of spinning can consume about 500 calories of energy, and the weight loss effect is considerable.

However, the weight loss effects of spinning bikes are more than these. It has been proven that the best training method for weight loss is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and because spinning bikes are very convenient to change the speed, it is one of the best exercise equipment using HIIT.

If you insist on using a spinning bike for HIIT training for two months, the spinning bike can lose 7-8 pounds of weight, and your body fat rate can drop by 8%~10%. The following is a comparison of the effects of aerobic equipment. The weight loss effect of the spinning bike is far superior to the other two equipment.

The role of spinning-waist and abdomen strengthening

The role of spinning is more than just losing weight. Because spinning can well combine aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise, it also plays a very good role in gaining muscle and shaping.

When using a spinning bike, the lower body has a relatively large range of motion. In order to maintain balance, the core muscles of the abdomen and waist need to work hard to maintain body balance. As long as the more you use the spinning bike, the better the abdominal and waist exercises.

The role of spinning-hip and leg shaping

In addition to waist and abdomen strength, spinning can also train buttocks well. The force process of a spinning bike is actually the force of the gluteus maximus to drive the thighs, and finally the calves. In this process, the gluteus maximus muscle acts like an engine and is the starting point for the lower body to exert force.

Although the exercise track is not visible from the appearance, the intensity is not small. Many people will experience sore hip muscles after riding a spinning bike. This is also one of the evidences that the gluteus maximus is exercised.

If some girls want more targeted buttocks training, remember the trick is: increase the hip angle, in simple terms, sit back within an acceptable range, and then keep the back straight, press down Body. This can better strengthen the gluteus maximus, reduce the burden on the legs, and enhance the training effect.


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